Personal Immigration


Helping You On Your Path Toward Citizenship

At Leleu & Associates we regularly represent U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents in petitioning their spouses, children, siblings and parents, to immigrate to and join them in the United States.

As a U.S. citizen, you may file an immigrant petition for a parent, spouse (or a fiancé who is residing overseas), minor and adult children (married or unmarried) and siblings. As a lawful permanent resident (green card holder), you may petition a spouse (or a fiancé who is residing overseas), minor and
adult unmarried children.

We also provide full support to dependents involved in their family’s immigration processes in the United States. We make sure that employers and their employees have an immigration strategy for accompanying family
members. Our immigration professionals work closely with all the family members to prepare the required documentation for timely application processing, and to help spouses and children remain compliant with all immigration requirements throughout their stay in the United States.

Leleu & Associates is a full service immigration firm that can help with all of your immigration issues. Here are some examples of issues that we can help you address:

  • Detention by ICE
  • Preparing forms like N-400
  • Visa applications
  • Immigration appeals
  • Green card applications
How We Help Immigrants

When you contact one of the experienced immigration attorneys Leleu & Associates we will immediately assess your situation to determine whether we can help, and, if we can, will assist you in your rights under the law. If your case has already been denied, we can appeal your denial and will do everything in our power to change the outcome of your matter.


Do I need to work with an attorney to deal with the USCIS?

You are not required to use an attorney for any legal matter. In fact, we often see criminal defendants who represent themselves, but this rarely works out in their favor. While immigrants may choose to pursue their immigration case on their own, agencies will often use an immigrant’s lack of knowledge of their rights under the law against them. By working with an experienced immigration attorney, you will have a trusted counsel who has the knowledge of the relevant law, procedures, and tactics used by agencies and who can stand up for your rights and forcefully demand your rights under the law.

What are my options if my immigration case was denied?

In some cases, an appeal of a decision may be the best strategy to reverse a prior decision or to bring about new information not previously considered in your case. Not every case is right for an appeal. To help you determine if you would benefit from an appeal, you can simply call the law offices of Leleu & Associates and speak with an attorney to get a free assessment.