Green Cards

A green card is a type of permanent visa. It can form the legal basis for remaining in the United States to live and to work without restrictions. A green card can be the first step toward full citizenship.

Get Your Green Card In 3 Simple Steps

Our experienced immigration attorneys are prepared to help you successfully apply and receive a green card. Below we have outlined our three easy steps to get started.


Complete our online questionnaire

Answer a few questions about yourself, your family, and your employment to determine eligibility.


An attorney will review your case by telephone

We will review your responses to the questionnaire together and help determine the best path for you.


We prepare & file your case with the court

Let us prepare your application documents and ease the stress of dealing with the courts.

We Make the Process Easy

  • Family connections support green card applications

    Close family relationships, like marriage to a citizen or green card holder, help in obtaining legal permanent resident (LPR) status.

  • Permanent employment in the United States

    An offer of permanent employment can supplant your green card application. Without family connections, having gainful employment can be a workable path to LPR status.

  • Other factors can affect your application

    If you win the diversity visa lottery, prove a case for asylum, or are within a category of a handful of other factors, you might have a more successful green card application.

  • Get Your Green Card In 3 Simple Steps


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