Immigration Litigation

Aggressive, yet caring representation for immigrants

Adrien Leleu and Leleu & Associates are both experienced immigration litigators. Having collectively prosecuted more than three hundred immigration cases, we have extensive litigation experience in the Immigration Courts and before the Board of Immigration Appeals. In addition, we provide immigration-related representation in the United States District Courts, especially before the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit.

Litigation for Business Immigration

Filing a lawsuit can be a powerful tool to prompt U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to issue an approval notice or to obtain a finding that USCIS erred in denying an application. Moreover, we regularly apply for administrative remedies to reverse rejection by USCIS. If warranted, we would also seek judicial review to overcome a final but erroneous denial of your immigration application.

Litigation for Immigration Defense

Aggressive advocacy is necessary to properly represent anyone facing deportation. We have extensive experience in defending foreign nationals to allow them to remain in the United States. Adrien Leleu and Leleu & Associates have successfully defended hundreds of refugees seeking asylum, withholding, or cancellation of removal. We have also helped to reinstate green cards for permanent residents placed in removal proceedings and secured the release of those in immigration detention.

Immigration-Related Federal Court Litigation

Litigation in Federal Courts is an effective, yet infrequently used recourse for immigrants who are unfairly denied applications at the administrative level. Among other relief, we challenge:

  • The unreasonable delay in adjudicating an application of a petition, including the adjustment of status of a green card holder.
  • An erroneous denial in adjudicating an application for citizenship.
  • A removal order on non-discretionary grounds.

We also secure stays, file mandamus motions and petitions for writs of habeas corpus, and commence fully-fledged federal court litigation to defend immigrants and foreigners.

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Can I receive a free consultation to understand my rights?

Yes. In fact, it is best to speak with an attorney as soon as possible so that you can understand the best strategy for handling your immigration matter.

Do I have to be in NYC?

No. We handle transactional immigration matters throughout the U.S. If your immigration concern requires litigation, then we may still represent you or refer you to a trusted partner who can help in your immediate area.

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